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Sari Rothstein smiling warmly
By now, you know that I am meticulous about process. Read on for the why.

Over the last 10+ years, I’ve designed applications with one goal in mind: simplicity. Simplicity, true simplicity takes a lot of hard work. It takes multiple iterations and patience. Put directly: I love what I do. I love asking the questions that probe deeper into how products can be better. The field of experience design is all about solving the unsolvable problems. Complex problems breed elegant solutions; elegant solutions breed happy users. In the end, an application with an intuitive interface will not disappoint.

When I'm not designing interfaces, I can be found walking my dog or geeking out over the latest in fitness technology.

Illustration of a magnifying glass
User Research

My process is driven by data and research. I conduct interviews and interpret qualitative and quantitative data from user surveys. Each solution comes from identifying issues in existing software, and understanding what users need.

Illustration of a computer screen
Interaction Design

I produce sketches, low and high-fidelity mock-ups, interface animations, user flows, and detailed interactive prototypes. These all serve to define requirements with product owners, get stakeholder buy-in, and guide engineers in development.

Illustration of two hads holding a tablet
Usability Testing

I moderate in-person and remote usability testing with UsabilityHub and UserTesting. I also love testing other peoples' sites for fun, and have a 4.58/5 rating (not an easy feat!) on UserTesting.

Illustratin of two chat bubbles

More of a soft skill, but something I take great pride in. I love working with other designers, product managers, developers, and leadership teams.

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